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In the West, Yoga is seen mostly as an exercise option, another way to get fit, for outward appearance. Once practiced however, the focus on Principles of Alignment create not just physical results on the outside, but on the inside too by feeling the immediate impact of aligning your body and mind back with the universe.

Yoga started over 5,000 years ago with the only pose being that of meditation. Asana is the Sanskrit word for pose and literally means seat or to sit. Over many years, more physical poses evolved from  the seated pose of meditation.

In today's world, all the day to day stresses and obligations, jobs and whatever else we have going on, not all of us are able to live the ideal "yogi lifestyle". Over time, that leads us physically out of alignment and in our daily lives we feel we come together to strengthen the connection that is already there & See Through Some of The Mounting Haze.

Come focus on your inner Divine- your very being and use it for a deeper asana practice, a better understanding of self and others....A Different Point Of View, Expand Your Drishti.

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